When to sit still November 25 2014 1 Comment

New caviar / espresso spoons, bundled up for the holidays.

It was a beautiful and fun past weekend. I really enjoyed participating at the Joy Street Artists Open Studios. Though I had been at Joy Street Studios for the past year, it was my first time actually participating in this weekend event (and I almost missed it again)! Luckily, I re-arranged show priorities and stayed at my studio workspace for the weekend show. It was so much fun meeting the other artists taking up residence. I love me some creative and smart folks trying to make it in life with what occupies their mind 24/7.

My sweet little niece, Emma; sitting on my storage trunk while looking at business cards that have my picture on them.

Sometimes I feel like I need to be moving around and trying new things outside of what is comfortable, but this time... it was a good lesson in learning that I don't have to be constantly trekking around to new events so people can find me.

It was nice to be doing a few studio tasks and letting the fine people of the local community swing in and introduce themselves. Getting a chance to meet people interested in what I am doing and watching their surprise at how the process of gold and porcelain is combined was pretty awesome. I even made new friends!

Thank goodness for open studio days. Who knew?

Bud vases now becoming a regular show hit.

As this year wraps itself up in warm blankets and snow-falling thoughts I am forever becoming more happy with sharing the work that I create with others. At first, I was shy, but now I just lay it all out... because this is what I do and I'm not going to be embarrassed by those creative energies anymore. May all of us art nerds unite!

I cannot say thank you enough to those that have helped my business grow through their positive words in private messages, emails, conversations, and of course with their voting dollars. I am only here because of my beautiful and loyal customers; my ego-boosting friends; but, most of all, my perfect family of 1.5 -- the husband and dog have been putting up with my weird hours and feeding me when I am too distracted to consider the next meal. Everything you see on this site, every post I have made on Insta-Mc-gram. It's all your fault! It's because I don't feel alone in this project of growing a life-long business. I don't feel alone because I have all of you (that were able to read to the end of this almost well-salted post)!

With cheese + wine, have a Happy Thanksgiving!