Harbor Noir Necklace-to-Bracelet

$ 196.00

This hand shaped porcelain sculpted statement necklace is paired with 14k gold filled chains bringing gold highlights to this piece. The necklace measures 16 inches and is designed to sit high-up near the neck/choker line.

The piece is convertible to a bracelet and uses 14k gold filled strong magnets as segment attachments. This is great when you're on vacation and want to change up your statement capsule look and keep a minimal jewelry style. Looks great at the beach, while out grabbing drinks, and even dancing.

Please select your appropriate size. Model is wearing an 8 inch length bracelet.

This is also sold solo as just a bracelet in the shop. Please see other listings.

Grow your novel collection of convertible porcelain jewelry. Classic and timeless.

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