Patina Petals Natural and Dark -- Hammered Brass on 14k Goldfilled posts

$ 48.00

One pair of hand-forged hammered brass earring drops with a natural oxidized patina finish. The variation of the patina can be flat to mottled and this reaction is naturally achieved through exposure to a light acid, exactly the same as is found on the rooftops of some old copper roofs.

These earrings are sealed to stop the oxidization and dangle from 14k gold-filled hand-bent french ear wires for those folks with sensitivities to nickel.

As patinas naturally evolve over time, keep that in mind as part of your story when you wear them. Re-patination is common, but avoid wearing them in hot showers to extend the living-life cycle of this beautiful metal oxidation.

Something colorful and summery for a warm weather getaway. 

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