Porcelain Marbled Tusk Necklace - Porcelain Jewelry

$ 90.00

An elegantly simple handmade porcelain sculpture inspired by the fierce and majestic walrus tusk. The original shape came about from some older earrings I made back in 2012, of a sea anemone piece. With a slight curve and scale, it becomes sweet and honest as it is hand-marbled porcelain and celebrates a love for nature's perfect design choices.

This pendant has been custom bezel set in hand-forged brass and comes on a beautiful 14k gold filled chain with a length of 30 inches. This jewelry is not plated and safe for those with sensitive nickel allergies.

Created over a number of days through shaping, refining, slowly air drying, bisque firing in my little small batch kiln.... this porcelain pendant is softly shaped, but durably strong. I actually hammer fit each of these pieces, so if you're clumsy like me, these are durably strong. I make these to order so please allow 5 business days so that I may fire this for you specifically. If I have any made and in stock, your order will ship out immediately!

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