Porcelain Wave Vessel Candle

$ 85.00

Any which way you turn this originally hand-thrown porcelain vessel, it will look like a new sculpture. Custom made right in Somerville, this hand-glazed porcelain vessel comes in a matte white or soft aqua teal color. Beautiful for holding succulents, small and sweet succulents after the soy walk candle has burned down.

This porcelain vase measures roughly 4-5 inches wide across and is about 3 inches tall. Soy wax candles burn cleaner, longer, and are easy to wash out with soap and water. 

Candle Scents:

  • Unscented
  • Blythe is a bundle of gardenias, lilacs, jasmine flowers and a bit of lemon zest. A sweet touch for a new season. This aroma is intoxicating and feminine.
  • Jasmine reminiscent of a summer evening stroll, this essential oil brings with it a sense of mindful relaxation. Jasmine is frequently revered as the perfume of love. Used in aromatherapy to encourage a pleasing and uplifting mood, including feeling more romantic.
  • Gardenia a strong, floral sweet scent. The benefits of this essential oil candle are an invigoration mindfulness that can help calm anxious feelings. The gardenia flower is considered by some as "the white angel." Popularly used for aromatherapy for gentle stress relief.

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