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      Sowa studio

      Artisan made, nautically inspired, porcelain jewelry.

      Porcelain and Stone focuses on ceramic jewelry in pairing with fine metals. Founded by Kimberly Huestis in August of 2012 after she began sharing her sculptural work in 2008, the jewelry is minimal and classic drawing inspiration from nautical and organic elements with a graceful woman in mind.

      Meant to be worn as sculptural art, it is frequently flaunted as statement jewelry. All porcelain and stoneware ceramic pieces are hand-crafted out of Boston, Massachusetts. Porcelain and Stone is a woman-owned business dedicated to the coastal lifestyle and is all Made in America.


      Our Philosophy

      Since our founding, we’ve expanded our product lines from Jewelry to Ceramicware and Self-care. Regardless of the kinds of products we hand-craft, there are a few core principles we will always adhere by:

      Care for our customers - we strive to do our part in making sure that we do what is right for our customers, from sourcing safe, environmentally-friendly materials in the making of our products, to educating our customers about our materials and products before they make a purchase

      Design with intent - inspired by Kimberly’s background in architecture, our products focus on a convergence of beauty and function

      Celebrate our stories - there is much to appreciate about the history of our products and materials that should not be ignored, whether it be the epic stories of porcelain’s past or the traditions of gua sha

      Socially responsible - not doing harm in the world from the materials we source to providing a healthy work environment in our studios



      Kimberly Huestis

      Kimberly Huestis

      The coastal lifestyle: Kimberly has loved the sense of feeling connected to both land and water. The smell of crisp and salty adventure in the ocean air or even at the edge of a lakefront —ideally with mountains at your back.

      Kimberly grew up in Vermont and her dad would frequently take his three daughters down to the lake shore just to skip rocks on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The Vermont coastal lake scene has always been her upbringing, framed by mountains. Reverent of the deep and mysterious ocean, but curious about the beautiful and strong things that hide underneath its dark canvas of thick water; Kimberly takes her design inspiration from the coastal lifestyle and weaves that natural influence into her sculptural designs.

      In many cases it may be a design nod in the general vein of nautical ideas or a hint at ocean waves. With her background in hand-and-hammer rock carving, along with many years as a professional building design architect and environmental consultant, this has greatly informed her design approach and iterative tendencies. The strength and longevity of porcelain are a loving nod to her Taiwanese/Japanese heritage.


      Genevieve Montante

      Genevieve Montante

      Genevieve is a mixed media jeweler, sculptor and fiber artist. They combine silversmithing, ceramics, sewing, and fiber techniques in metal to create wearable and non wearable sculpture and clothing.

      Trained in silversmithing at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Genevieve is a mix media artist at heart. Inspired learn more, they began working with P&S - where they were taught by Kimberly to make jewelry and wares in porcelain and stoneware.

      Genevieve draws inspiration from memories of home in Philadelphia and rural Pennsylvania, found objects, nostalgia, and the quiet magic of daily life. Their work is often inspired by personal experience, but they intend for wearers and viewers to create their own connections as they interact with their pieces - joining us all together