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      FAQ What is 14k Gold

      Marbled Porcelain Double Bezel Set Pendant Necklaces

      I'm going to be practicing a bit at answering your FAQs today. So we're going to just kick it right off.

      One of the more frequently asked questions I get at shows is the ever tentative and worried:

      "What is the material? What is this metal?"

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      Blue and White Porcelain Explored - Part 1

      Blue and White Wall ArtAn old sketch design from 2009, originally the pattern and (not show here) logo were not intended for porcelain but alas, it has found its way to this wall concept; and many a sketchbook and random sheet of paper.

      In a porcelain studio, it's almost expected to see the influence of blue and white somewhere. Universally recognized, this signature glaze palette originated in China. This is a medium whose symbolism has...

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      Part 1 of 2: Learning About Gua Sha Facial Massage

      Gua Sha Massage Tool

      Luxury Massages and puffy white towels

      So, I'm new

      All my life, I really thought massage was a luxury thing. I thought it was some purely relaxing expensive thing that I didn't get to partake in. I also thought you

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      Interview with Genevieve, Porcelain and Stone's Studio Bench Jeweler/Blogger

      Genevieve Montante

      I [Kimberly] consider myself one lucky person as the stars aligned and multiple folks directed me to consider hiring and working with this lovely human when I was searching for a studio assistant. I remember (last year, pretty much to the date) how calm and quiet Genevieve was (first time meeting anyone I too was like this) but that just meant I should be careful what I say! Because, hey, us listeners...

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