New pieces launching at the American Craft Council show in Atlanta March 17 2017

coastal porcelain and stone jewelry anniversary gift and special occassion

Finally, back in Atlanta again! This weekend I'm joining other juried artisans from around the country to show at the American Craft Council show. We're at the Cobb Galleria and the weather just keeps getting better and better. I've had the chance to talk to lovely folks about Savannah, Atlanta, Athens, Decatur... all the places I want to get to know more about. Not long ago, I was carried in a shop here in Atlanta! So, it's nice to be back representing the porcelain jewelry that I launched so long ago and explain why it's such a great medium.

I am officially pre-launching some new necklaces at the show and they are up top in the first photo as well as these long awaited mini crescent moon neckaces.

goddess necklace, crescent moon, moon necklace, porcelain and stone necklace

Along with the Black Lava collection that has been on the launching calendar for a while now, I'm so thrilled to have something so unique and difficult to not warp coming to the online shop. After this weekend, they'll go up in the shop and you'll be able to choose which color is your favorite. Or do you know already? (wink)

Until then Boston, I'll be eating around Atlanta and planning out the next excursion where we'll be (my husband and my lil' lady dog) headed to Nashville, TN!

Porcelain Jewelry for 18th Wedding Anniversary December 27 2016

porcelain anniversary jewelry

It's been coming up on 4.5 years now since officially starting Porcelain and Stone. Over the years it has been very common for me to receive orders and requests from fine loving people, wanting help in celebrating their 18th and or 20th wedding anniversaries. It has been one of those big grin moments I get to celebrate when I know I'm making things not just for beautiful and elegant statement jewelry; but, to celebrate momentous occasions. Read more...

New porcelain pieces coming soon... September 20 2016

Carved Arc Necklace, porcelain jewelry, porcelain and stone, porcelain and gold jewelry

Carved Arc Necklaces and the statement... (read more)

If I had a shop full of favorites... September 09 2016

Porcelain and Stone Jewelry at Harvard Art MuseumsPorcelain and Stone Jewelry at Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, MA

Often times, I'll curate a selection of my favorite porcelain makers that are doing our little world some justice. They aren't doing the bare minimum, they are highlighting the endearing qualities that this very old, highly respected material deserves. If I had a shop, it would be full of these lovely porcelain makers, in no specific order...

Making little tech investments June 08 2016

Rhodesian ridgeback with scented geranium French lace

Much can be said of switching up your camera setup and mobile working situation. I've been making motions towards making work life a bit smoother and I'm so happy I finally made the plunge. Being able to grab my mini iPad to do work emails, blog posts, and even putting together invoices has taking away a lot of stress I wasn't even aware I had floating around. Normally, I feel like a pretty happy and easy-going type... So experiencing a noticeable relief is a nice and welcoming feeling.  Read more...

Porcelain and Gold Engagement Solitaire Style Rings April 12 2016 1 Comment

unique porcelain rings, made by, beach ready

This month is the month for porcelain rings! Not just the the well loved river rings which got picked up by Free People last year. Though they have hence sold out on their side... I still make 'em!

April is the month. We're moving into a... (read more)

Porcelain Jewelry Made in America February 23 2016

porcelain and gold jewelry with diamonds

But now! Not just porcelain jewelry, porcelain vases and bowls... and cups! Oh my.

While there is always much to share, I am content in knowing that I at least always love to endlessly share over on Instagram, so if you have at all missed my blog posts, my micro-blogging life is alive and well, there.

In the newest of news? The newest and perhaps biggest news if you live in the real world and don't play on social media platforms, is that Porcelain and Stone now has... (read more)


Jewelry, crafted in Boston - A visual trip through time October 13 2015


...technically, through about a month of little random photos shot here and there for the IG account. Because it's my way of fun... and pictures make me happy. Enjoy!

Pin the one's you love and I'll hopefully see it. Come visit the pop-up shop at Olives and Grace on Oct. 18th! More info on Facebook here more

Traveling Coral Cuff on the West Coast September 18 2015 2 Comments

There comes a time when you know a lot about metals and skin pH reactions and it all collides with your knowledge about sculpture and wearable pieces as it pertains to porcelain jewelry. That moment came about five months ago. You may recall this gorgeous piece of porcelain coral... (read more)

The hot month of July July 24 2015

This month has been full of weekend retreats to the lakeside, fire pit sessions, and gloriously filling large wholesale orders... (read more)

Working Hard for My... Existence June 03 2015

This past week + has been busy in the studio with managing large incoming orders and choreographing the upcoming launch of some new products to get ready for the line sheet updates going out for the end of the second Quarter. I'm honestly thankful things have been quiet in the building I work out of because while distractions are important and fun, I get ... (read more)

Modular Jewelry for Traveling in Style May 26 2015

This past Friday was the official launch of Porcelain and Stone’s unique new line of Convertible Jewelry. After many months of testing and perfecting, the necklace-to-bracelet wearing jewelry collection has finally launched! I know many of you were waiting for it to release since last year. Truly, I love to flaunt things that I make while I “test wear” the product looking for design flaws. I wore this convertible jewelry from... (read more)

Porcelain Vessels Made in Somerville May 04 2015

succulent gift ideas, made by Porcelain and Stone in Boston

It's been a long time coming and I feel like every time I announce one of the new pieces I cannot help but saying how "thrilled" I am about their final release.

You may have already seen these undulating porcelain wave vessels over in the workshop section, but if you haven't, not only have they been (read more...)


Behind the scenes in the creative business studio April 02 2015

Last month was pretty amazing for the studio. It went through a huge leap in finally getting unpacked and boxes moved out or into storage and we had our first guest workshop in the new space. (read more...)

Shooting Product Photos in Motion March 07 2015

SUMU scarves from Kimberly Huestis on Vimeo.

...for a friend about to launch her beautiful scarf collection made from silk modal and also cashmere modal. At the end of the shoot, I went off the shot list and decided to just have fun shooting some slow motion videos. So here are the results! Have a lovely weekend all y'all.

Out from the kiln March 04 2015

More porcelain navy items fresh and warm out of the kiln earlier this morning. They'll be hitting the online shop soon enough. More behind the scenes stuff in the studio are posted daily over on Instagram.

Staying inspired while growing a business February 27 2015

I'm a big believer in trying something new or learning about how things work... in any field. For instance, how to brew beer or fix your own electronics. I have a fairly healthy background in technology. (read more...)

Constant Motion: Pushing through the Storm February 10 2015

The last month went by surprisingly quickly here in Boston and here we are in the long last stretch of winter weather: the exciting snow storm season. (read more...)

Somerville Valentine's Day Market February 04 2015

Join the rest of the local lovin' crew at the Somerville Armory this Sunday to exchange smiles, meet your local makers, and finally fondle all the goodies until your heart is content.

Let's show this snow what New Englander's are made of... warm coats, working boots, and hands full of hot and cozy liquids.

Making big decisions for your Startup January 06 2015 1 Comment

This past year was kind of incredible to reflect on. So I'll commence with a quick little rundown of the highlights! (read more...)

The First Ornament Workshop December 30 2014

A shot of some of the last few ornament pieces that were finished up in the kiln. I'm just glad I remembered to take a final shot before these went out the door! It will be fun to hold another glaze-type workshop this coming year... (read more)

Ornament prep and future Workshops December 10 2014

Prep for the first workshop seems to be solid and set for tomorrow. I have been looking forward to doing workshops for so long and I cannot believe tomorrow is the big day! I have at least four folks in the books and may possibly have room for... (read more)

Organizing studio life and NEW Workshops December 02 2014

Getting back to Boston was great because I just wanted some of that peaceful quietness to get some work done at the studio. Organizing a space for better work function can be pretty effective, so I figured it was time to mount-up the shelves and stop dawdling on the last bit of polishing-up the studio was in need... (read more)

When to sit still November 25 2014 1 Comment

It was a beautiful and fun past weekend. I really enjoyed participating at the Joy Street Artists Open Studios. Though I had been at Joy Street Studios for the past year, it was my first time actually participating in this weekend event... read more

Upcoming Events in the Studio! November 12 2014

...and other impossibly cool upcoming events.

Last week was an awesome week. The potential for moving-stress never actually came to fruition. Why? Because... my husband! That's why. Many folks over at Joy Street Studios already observed that while I was off traveling... click here for more wild-good times.

New Studio Space for a Growing Business. November 06 2014 2 Comments

It's a official! Porcelain and Stone has setup residence in another studio space--the fourth since P+S started in 2012. Sharing a few snapshots of the space that you are just dying to visit. Click to see more...

Preparing for new product designs October 28 2014

Back in my very first studio when I started Porcelain and Stone in 2012.

This week is a big week since I have had to pretty much pack up shop and be ready to move out of my beautiful, sky-lit studio space in a couple of days. I have loved this space since I moved-in last December. For one thing... it has heat! Even a couple of bathrooms for the building occupants, natural daylight... and many, many other artists of all types. Joy Street Studios is home to musicians, painters, sculptors, sewers, photographers, even a vintage home collector.


Thankfully, I'm not moving far away from my first studio in this somewhat new-old warehouse building. I'm just moving right upstairs. The only trick is I'll have to move on a day when I'll be attending a conference in NYC (yeah, early-bird pricing). Heh! But, guess who is a lucky girl? My husband happens to be switching start-ups in the Boston area, so he conveniently has this week off to help me move. So, guess who has a horrible wife?


With the new move there are a few things I have been excited about expanding on. I have been working on a number of new products over the course of this year. Many of you who have seen some random posts of things over on Instagram and have yet to see it in my shop may have a gentle clue about what it may be already. The new space will help me to softly launch this new line of products and you'll find them in the shop here later this year. (Yay!)

Being in this new space will also create a more friendly working environment since I will have physical, direct ventilation with operable windows in the unit. Naturally, the new space will also be bigger! Which means [drum roll] it may be lovely enough to hire one or possibly two part-time friendlies. But! Let us not get ahead of ourselves. I am much more looking for that special someone who has a vision for Porcelain and Stone as much as I do. Also, they most certainly should be prepared to work with their hands... for all eternity. :)


Personally, I happen to be experiencing a bit of growing pains, right in my left hand to be exact. I only have my supportive wearers and buyers to thank for this so I am really not complaining. It has been a fantastic two years thus far and I guess the constant grind (sometimes, literally--I physically grind things) is trying to tell me to slow down. But like most obstacles that arise, I love a challenge. So I say, bring it on motha-cluckah! 


The big secret that my husband and I have been sharing --without sharing-- is that he has been amazing helping me in the studio every now and then over the past two weeks. Especially when I am having trouble holding a piece. He has been watching me for years in a variety of studios --be it an architecture studio, a 3D animation/graphics space, or even a small design atelier-- he knows how I like to work. He also communicates really well with me and has allowed me to show him a few ways in which I make certain pieces. Trust is probably the most important thing I have found to be a priority for any company I have worked for and this is no different. I trust my husband --we'll call him Fez, because our two-year-old niece used to have trouble pronouncing his name and would shout out, "Fezder!"-- trusting Fez hasn't been hard to do. The change to trusting him with my LIFE'S WORK ... has been my own personal... "take a deep breath because here we go!" type-of-challenge. He has been simply grand and very flexible, though. Super-folded-knee-bowing over here from me to him.


If you didn't already know, ceramic work has many stages before it reaches completion. Hence why teaching and sharing the reigns of a piece can be worrying. It can sometimes take weeks (for others, months) to finish a piece. I remember a long time ago thinking about working in ceramics full-time and laughing to myself. Because THAT IS CRAZY. Who works for a living in ceramics? (Actually, many of my friends do!) Being crazy is what mama likes now. Crazy in a professional sense just means you may have some vision behind that madness... or maybe you are just flat out, crazy, friend. Hugs!


Quick run down of the past-to-present October 21 2014

Far be it from me to not start off with the obvious: it has been a while my friends.
A lot has happened. Some of you already know about my travels and fun news if you follow me on Instagram, others of you will be tickled and pleased (that is the only main goal in life, anyway). I had the happy opportunity to be a small featured jeweler in British Vogue's August 2014 issue over the summer. Suffice it to say, my life is now complete.


It was a humble little feature. I was super thankful to have been approached by British Vogue. Tra-la-la, that is all on that front! Except... can a girl get some love from US Vogue, heh? 
The month of August was busy prepping for my third trade show of the year -- 2014 will go down as the one year of first time trade showing madness. I could not have been more blown away with all the prep work that the Etsy Wholesale team did for the NY NOW show in Manhattan, over at the Javits Center. It was so crazy to be amongst other amazing Etsy Wholesalers that I had heard of via Instagram or Etsy's blog. It was very humbling to have been one of the selected 24 sellers at the Etsy Wholesale pavilion. Without us knowing, they had to first see if we qualified for the NY NOW show, and then Etsy Wholesale hand-picked us out of that line-up. Super thankful and probably way too happy to be at NY NOW working alongside Etsy's team. I may have pranced around that show a little too much.


Here was their official announcement regarding their wholesale launch.
Here is some more fodder on Etsy Wholesale's official launch.
This was their quick little recap of their first NY NOW show.
Lastly, for some fantastic reason... here is when my jewelry was featured in the National Jeweler for announcing Etsy Wholesale's launch out of test mode: whoa my gosh!
Other big news: we'll be moving into a bigger studio at the end of this month! Kind of a big move and I'll post more on that one later.
Too much good news is just... sweet-overdose-inducing. You came here because you wanted it, so I'm going to serve it up. But, for the time being, I will leave you all with this interview feature from Factory45's Shannon Whitehead. A little something from the summer that offers a bit of serious thought and confused bragging. Naturally. Making it: Startup Advice from the Founder of Porcelain and Stone.







April Showers Bring Big Changes April 11 2014


...the big announcement, and the additional push for more production has to do with the upcoming feature with One Kings Lane as part of their Artisanal Vanity Collection.

All the pretty things February 28 2014

The beginning of this year was marked by transitioning into a new studio. From my once, oh-so-loved warehouse space in Cambridge; to a lovely skylit space just outside of Union Square in Somerville. Things have been growing and as orders for porcelain goodness have begun to pick up, I am my typical ball of happiness.

A visit to the other coast September 27 2013


A couple of weeks ago (just before Labor Day Weekend to be more specific) my husband and I got the chance to visit a friend who was working at Amazon for the summer. We went running a few times and got to see gorgeous views like...

Writing and sharing more September 16 2013

Well my friends. It has come to this. I am going to re-attempt my hand at writing and sharing more with you all. My desire to share more comes from this giant urge to just be honest and open about all the things that have been happening with Porcelain and Stone and its first year in business, and where it may eventually take me.

My stronger suit in life may be photography and sculpture, but why not challenge yourself more? I'm a horrible writer! Come read my writing.

In case you have just discovered the crazy workings of Porcelain and Stone, let it be known that I have a --slight-- obsession with most things clay and lots of things gold. Who knew a silver lover could be so down with gold? I'll admit. It's simply because it is shiny and catches my eye. I'm basically a squirrel that sells things on Etsy.

Other good-ish styled news: I have been in the running as a nominee in the American Made Martha Stewart 2013 competition. You can feel free to vote (six times, friend!) here.

I love lakes, long walks on the--- okay. Well,  let's just say the salty sea breeze has been calling my name.  You'll find I have a way of making you love me, eventually. So don't run away. Just stick around for all things porcelain and stoneware.

With a lot of hope and love! (Because that's all you need to run your first business, riiiiight?!)