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      Ceramic Workshops to come, Boston!

      Ceramic Workshops to come, Boston!

      Excited to begin planning the upcoming months for our jewelry and ceramic designs! We'll be rolling out new products, offering more ceramic workshops this year in the studio, and will be attending the American Craft Council show in Baltimore in early March.

      Will be making more of an effort this year to post updates so! Ya know, be sure to peruse our website every few months as new products and travel show updates, will be getting rolled out. Looking forward to a productive and creative couple of months as prep work gets finalized. 

      Secretly love the new section for our Porcelain and Stone Exclusives. They're where you'll find one of a kind, none repeatable work. Simple little joys that had to come to life in the studio and don't usually get presented "out loud."



      New Porcelain Cluster Barnacles

      porcelain barnacle prong set earrings

      At the heart of where I started way back when… there were always the classic stud barnacles or dangles. Maybe you have seen them waiting to be re-stocked. They still live in the shop as I intend to bring them back for their own welcome back party. But behold! The new era of clustered barnacles. I adore them. Maybe you might, too.

      New patina designs launching now

      patina cuff

      Just a small and sweet collection of newly made patina jewelry pieces! My eyes could stare at these textural color catchers and I love that it is eve more internally sculpted (hammer forged) to be that “responsive” jewelry that I adore as the wearer really personalizes it over time. Swoon!

      New turquoise stones have arrived!

      New turquoise stones have arrived!

      Beyond excited to get these new turquoise stones set into new turquoise necklaces and earrings! These will mostly be 18k gold set turquoise earrings, but those “surfboard” cut turquoise bits will be limited 14k and 18k gold necklaces. I have been drooling over these over the week d!