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      Aquamarine - Birthstone Jewelry

      Aquamarine EarringsAnd now a break from global realities! Here’s a little something to enrich your knowledge bank of Aquamarine stones for the next time you pick one up.

      We want to celebrate one of our favorite stones, and the birthstone of March, the Aquamarine! (And the non-existent crowd that is safely and smartly self-distancing by staying at home goes WILD with health... and happiness!)

      Aquamarine gemstones are part of the Beryl family, the same family as Emeralds. When a Beryl is light blue to blue green, it is called Aquamarine. An Emerald is the...

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      Heritage Collection - Bezel Set Stone Jewelry

      Aquamarine Necklace
      Aquamarine Necklace
      It was a long time coming, and the arrival of the Heritage Collection has been one that I have never been more proud of sharing. Launched a couple of years ago, the collection continues to grow year after year. From seeing all types of earrings like the black stud earrings to now most recently the marble stud earrings, these jewelry pieces were designed for longevity.

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