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      Writing and sharing more

      Well my friends. It has come to this. I am going to re-attempt my hand at writing and sharing more with you all. My desire to share more comes from this giant urge to just be honest and open about all the things that have been happening with Porcelain and Stone and its first year in business, and where it may eventually take me.

      My stronger suit in life may be photography and sculpture, but why not challenge yourself more? I'm a horrible writer! Come read my writing.

      In case you have just discovered the crazy workings of Porcelain and Stone, let it be known that I have a --slight-- obsession with most things clay and lots of things gold. Who knew a silver lover could be so down with gold? I'll admit. It's simply because it is shiny and catches my eye. I'm basically a squirrel that sells things on Etsy.

      Other good-ish styled news: I have been in the running as a nominee in the American Made Martha Stewart 2013 competition. You can feel free to vote (six times, friend!) here.

      I love lakes, long walks on the--- okay. Well,  let's just say the salty sea breeze has been calling my name.  You'll find I have a way of making you love me, eventually. So don't run away. Just stick around for all things porcelain and stoneware.

      With a lot of hope and love! (Because that's all you need to run your first business, riiiiight?!)