Ceramic Travel Mug - Natural Green Wash

$ 34.00

This ceramic cup is perfect for a cold glass of cider or pouring your leftover coffee in to take-away. Whether you simply enjoy the minimal, down-to-earth look of a stoneware mug or have been looking for a unique travel mug so you can feel a little more you, this cup is a great hand warmer and preventer of the burned tongue. The walls are just thin enough to feel when liquid is much too hot to drink because learning to drink hot things is hard. Also great for the anti-handle folks in your life.

Holds: 12 fl oz.

Ceramic cup comes without a silicone lid. You can select to have the silicone lid and sleeve in the drop down menu.

Glaze is a custom, natural green washed glaze. It will always vary for each cup. See images for the variation in glaze work for this style.

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