Feather Necklace - Gold Feather

$ 98.00

This listing is for one porcelain + gold feather necklace. This necklace is a classic gold melted over the ridges of a porcelain carved piece meant to resemble a feather. Slightly a statement, slightly minimal, but just elegant enough for those that prefer an 18 inch length necklace style. This necklace charm shines at various angles.

Each piece is designed to "weather" over time -- in a parallel celebration of how the ocean leaves its mark, and a feather will change in nature, this golden feather should slowly begin to reveal the beautiful black raven porcelain treasure beneath the thinly melted layer of 22k gold. Making each feather piece look unique to the wearer. "If you want to fly, give up the things that weight you down." (So says... Buddha) This charm was designed this way to highlight the hand-carved texture of this porcelain carving.

The necklace has 22k gold luster that has been kiln fired and melted onto the porcelain shape. Shiny and warm, it simply glows. Created in my studio in the greater Boston area (Somerville) the porcelain + gold necklace is usually ready to ship. Sometimes it may take 4-5 days to create if it needs to be made.. For larger quantities, just let me know via messages! Please allow 4-5 days to shape if you need more than four.

Wear these:
-with your little black dress
-reception parties
-to make your eyes shine

Measures: 18 inches in chain length
Feather necklace pendant is 22mm (7/8 inch) wide and 44mm long (1 3/4 inches long).
Please leave a note if you prefer a shorter or longer set length between 14 inches or 22 inches.

Chain material is 14k gold-filled chain for long lasting wear, and those with nickel allergies. This chain material has gold value, so it can be reclaimed or melted down for recycling the gold content. But I hope you don't!

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