Lava Arc Necklace

$ 156.00

Crusted in black with bits and rivulets of 22k gold highlighting the textured cracks, this unique crescent moon shape is both dark and mysterious, but full of light. It is mesmerizing to study and get lost in the highlighted gold textures. The texture may wary from what is pictured as each piece is uniquely fired and the gold is then melted at 1350 degrees F.

This porcelain pieces was hand-shaped in Somerville, MA at the Porcelain and Stone studio and all the gold hardware is 14k gold-filled for safe wearing on sensitive skin.


Inspired by a trip to Iceland the Black Lava Collection was borne from a visit to the black sand beach, Reynisfjara. Over time, the beach was formed through erosion and wave-tumbled basalt (what was once lava). The varying and beautiful black textures are striking to see. Formed from something that was initially once scary, these black sands of now tumbled cold lava have turned into something simply gorgeous. 

Created not to represent good or bad, but the notion that through the heavy and dark times, there might always be a warm light trying to break free. On the other side of this concept, the emotions that bubble up when you least expect, erupting with your personal human qualities, those should be celebrated: let that gold shine through.

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