Gua Sha Tool - Porcelain Comb

$ 36.00

Designed to alleviate the tiring use of knuckles for attempting Gua Sha, I realized why my mother used this tool while I was growing up. It relieves a lot of tension as well as helps to relax and sculpt the face, but I have also found the larger tool helpful for body massage: much like a foam roller. (Here's a more chatty blog post on the topic!)

After realizing how centuries late I am to the game my ancestors were practicing and essentially ignoring what my mother practiced and I thought was weird, here I am in my 30s realizing the health benefits of even just lymphatic massage (and drinking more water).

This Gua Sha tool is hand-marbled in porcelain, shaped from wet paste porcelain and carved into its final shape. Each Gua Sha tool has a different marbled pattern unique for ceremonial style and a nod to the natural stone of marble, which is far too porous and soft for this particular use.


Porcelain tool is good for both the face and body, it is slightly more portable if you have a small bag. The size doesn't particularly matter here, but the shape of the tool can be used in various ways.


You can always use a traditional form of Gua Sha tool, by using a typical Chinese porcelain soup spoon. I started by simply using my knuckles and a face oil that I loved already. If you're open to more porous options, there are affordable tools made from "jade" and quartz out there that are quite beautiful. I think my mother used either a plastic or bone comb with no ill effect but she mostly used it as a scalp massage. The only issue you'll want to make sure of is to be safe with attempting to clean such stones as they are naturally porous with risk of holding and growing bacteria that may inflame and transfer back to the skin.

The benefits of a porcelain Gua Sha tool are that the pieces are fired to be vitrified: non-porous. They have a beautiful weight to them that lend themselves to a more natural and unforced pressure application. They are very easy to clean and disinfect and don't have a risk of growing bacteria. Though, of course it should always be cleaned since it is a tool, much like a wash cloth or how a towel is used to dry off.

Relax and enjoy the benefits of a ritual Gua Sha morning and evening mini-retreat!