Shell Necklace

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This carved porcelain piece resembles a mollusk seashell for the lovers of the coast and consumers of the sea. Oyster shell necklace: individually hand-carved, each piece is designed to "weather" over time -- in a parallel celebration of how the ocean leaves its mark, this shell should slowly begin to reveal the porcelain treasure beneath the thinly melted layer of gold. Making each shell unique only to the specific wearer. This shell charm was designed with this intent to highlight the hand-carved texture of this tiny porcelain shell and make it feel more natural.

There is a certain excitement when it comes to celebrating life with drinks and oysters. Good times are had and a feeling of happiness begins to be associated with food, friends, and (by gosh!) being lucky to live along the coast.

Your oyster is made of porcelain with melted 22k gold over the surface to highlight the texture of the shell. Over time, hopefully this gold will begin to wear, and reveal the true nature of a weathered life by the sea. Mounted to 14k gold-filled hardware, the chain is 18 inches in length,


This necklace comes as a standard 18 inch length necklace. Leave a note at checkout if you would prefer it at 16 inches or 20 inches.

Smaller shell pictured is listed here and worn on a model for some idea of scale: Gold Shell Charm Necklace

Matching stud earrings: Gold Shell Studs

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