Small Plate - Dish

$ 18.00

A single yet simple and subtly rustic small plate for acting as a jewelry dish or a quick place to rest your tea leaves while making a cup of tea. This small dish is versatile for when you have guests over and they need a place to put their toothpick, or it can even become a small cheese plate. The versatility and use of a small plate is personally never ending in my household, which is why I'm so happy to finally have these here to share.

This small plate measures right around 5 inches. They are not meant to be matchy-matchy but more rustic in nature, for that natural farmhouse appeal. They make the Vermonter in me quite proud. Thrown on a pottery wheel, they are fired twice in the kiln.

Made from a beautiful, freckled stoneware for a more rustic, clean, and natural tone to elevate your fine jewelry rituals or tapas eating needs.



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