Turquoise Drop Earrings - Bezel set

$ 185.00

These drop earrings are porcelain set in a 14k custom gold filled bezel setting. They have a fully backed 14k gold surface that truly shines from behind, while displaying that beautiful and timeless turquoise color within a gold framed border -- adding a touch of classic beauty for a timeless piece of jewelry to always wear with comfort.

Set using 14k gold-filled metal, these dancing earrings brings the true value of gold with a bonded solid 14k gold sheet, with the smart economy of removing the inner core of gold. 

The porcelain stone size measures just over 35mm in length and 14mm in width.

***Please allow 5-8 business days to custom make this order***

The thin metal sheet of solid 14k gold, layered over copper and zinc give the value of gold, the true look of gold, and saves on the unnecessary bulk of gold that is always hidden. This is a worthy investment for jewelry that will last. We never plate jewelry because it has a lesser value, doesn't last, and cannot be reclaimed in the melting process.

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