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      Nickel Free Earrings When it seems like You're Allergic to Everything

      That was me from about age seven (well, I'm actually probably four or five in this photo). Off and on, my parents couldn't figure out why I would be allergic to my watches or silver things that had claims of "hypoallergenic earrings." They just knew I could wear... (read more)

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      Porcelain and Stone Nautical Jewelry Studio in Boston Magazine

      Porcelain and Stone Studio in Boston Magazine Home

      I have a lot of excitement to be able to share that someone by the name of Alene Bouranova came to my studio back in June and I had the pleasure of making her waste a perfectly beautiful beach day to come hang out with me in my studio along with Chloe-dog for four hours.

      It wasn't something I shared because you never know, right? But, just last week, I started getting... [read more]

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