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      What is Patina jewelry?

      Hammered Cuff Bracelet

      What is a patina?

      Most people have noticed a green protective layer on copper roofs, cathedrals, and historical objects. Generally speaking, patina can refer to any fading, darkening, or change in color that is felt to be a natural sign of metal aging, and patination refers to the intentional application of chemicals to develop a patina. While an archeologist may see this as color that develops overtime with years of oxidation, many contemporary makers are speeding up the process and creating these rich copper derived patinas in a matter of hours. ( more)

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      New Studio Space - Creative Workshop in Boston

      Boston Creative WorkshopsSitting here inside of the now freshly opened Tatte Bakery and Cafe, I get to write to you all about why I "went for it," and decided to open a second studio here in the South End of Boston. As most of you may already know from posts I make public, I am a jeweler and metalsmith that puts a strong focus on porcelain jewelry settings and other natural stones I have been loving. What has never been too easy for you to see is my home life, and with it, the thrown pottery and slip cast work I create for my husband and I to use at home... (read more)

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      Heritage Collection - Bezel Set Stone Jewelry

      Aquamarine Necklace
      Aquamarine Necklace
      It was a long time coming, and the arrival of the Heritage Collection has been one that I have never been more proud of sharing. Launched a couple of years ago, the collection continues to grow year after year. From seeing all types of earrings like the black stud earrings to now most recently the marble stud earrings, these jewelry pieces were designed for longevity.

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      Bud Vases - 5 Things to Do with Them

      Santa Maria Novella Perfume with Bud Vases

      It's a common question I get at shows as I travel from San Francisco, Seattle, to locations like Atlanta, Baltimore, and even here in Boston: what are they for? This question is always asked while folks are lovingly holding my sweet, little bud vases. I can tell you what I use them for and then let you decide if you have other clever uses for them... (read more)

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