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      Bud Vases - 5 Things to Do with Them

      Santa Maria Novella Perfume with Bud Vases

      It's a common question I get at shows as I travel from San Francisco, Seattle, to locations like Atlanta, Baltimore, and even here in Boston: what are they for? This question is always asked while folks are lovingly holding my sweet, little bud vases. I can tell you what I use them for and then let you decide if you have other clever uses for them... (read more)

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      VT to ME: Emily Shaffer Studio's Dog!

      Emily Shaffer Studio with dog, BrillI'm writing from the beautiful jewelry studio of my friend Emily Shaffer here in Maine. I first met Emily when we were both doing ArtRider shows in the greater New York City area. We probably met at Lyndhurst, if not Rhinebeck, NY? Her work is so architectural and elegant with a modern, clean vibe that it's hard not to want to touch her pieces and try them on and keep them forever. The nice thing is she works with a lot of Argentium Silver, which is a nice material that is nickel free and has a higher content of sterling silver. (Read more...)

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      Gua Sha Introduction - Why People use Gua Sha for Health and Beauty

      Gua Sha Facial Massage

      From Parisian massagers doing it (I think if I do it, I'll make myself French), to Meghan Markle having it done to get ready before her wedding... facial Gua Sha: it is the easiest, lowest bar, holistic approach to relaxation, and lymphatic drainage health next to water. Lymphatic fluid should always be draining naturally since it is your bodies waste system but sometimes...

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      Shell Necklace in Porcelain - from concept to reality

      shell necklace, shell earrings, shell jewelry

      This year's design focus for the spring/summer collection is... the shell. Shell jewelry: like this seashell necklace or these little shell earrings. Imagine someone wearing one of these pieces out for a celebration or gathering with friends. Pair it with a glass of champagne as you sip and devour oysters from the shell, or some mussels dripped in garlic and wine sauce. Coastal lovers? Yes, please.

      To say I was thinking of Valentine's Day when I made these would be untrue. I started working on these late last year. They haunted my waking hours until I finally sat down to carve them out, re-size, carve them again, adjust, etc. until I felt they were the ideal size for comfort and wearability.

       champagne and caviar, Les Sablons Cambridge MA

      Imagery that inspired me to work on this collection was picturing an evening date night: with just-so lighting and being out on the town. These pieces are meant to be worn and weathered over time so that the soft karat gold on the high-points will etch away to reveal the beautiful porcelain carving beneath. Has there ever been a shell necklace that was more sweet and dreamy? One that responds to its wearer over time to become the ultimate weather-worn shell, made by nature -- but in this case, made by a human, for a human, to be worn... by a human. (I should probably stop typing anything now.) 

      Shell necklace, shell jewelry, summer jewelry

      View the whole collection page here.

      I'm constantly looking for that something different. The kind of piece that speaks to me not just as the designer but also as the wearer, tends to be the one I'm likely to touch and hold on to. They draw my fingers in to worry away at the textures while I'm thinking or waiting in a moment. The pieces are big enough to hold, small enough to dance in, and shiny enough to lure in a query from the curious observer. Perhaps that's the design appeal that lends itself to me -- a bit of curiosity and a little bit of subtle glamour.