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      Porcelain Jewelry Made in America

      porcelain and gold jewelry with diamonds

      But now! Not just porcelain jewelry, porcelain vases and bowls... and cups! Oh my.

      While there is always much to share, I am content in knowing that I at least always love to endlessly share over on Instagram, so if you have at all missed my blog posts, my micro-blogging life is alive and well, there.

      In the newest of news? The newest and perhaps biggest news if you live in the real world and don't play on social media platforms, is that Porcelain and Stone now has...


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      Jewelry, crafted in Boston - A visual trip through time


      ...technically, through about a month of little random photos shot here and there for the IG account. Because it's my way of fun... and pictures make me happy. Enjoy!

      Pin the one's you love and I'll hopefully see it. Come visit the pop-up shop at Olives and Grace on Oct. 18th! More info on Facebook here

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