Porcelain Jewelry Made in America February 23 2016

But now! Not just porcelain jewelry, porcelain vases and bowls... and cups! Oh my.

While there is always much to share, I am content in knowing that I at least always love to endlessly share over on Instagram, so if you have at all missed my blog posts, my micro-blogging life is alive and well, there.

In the newest of news? The newest and perhaps biggest news if you live in the real world and don't play on social media platforms, is that Porcelain and Stone now has its biggest kiln yet! It fires to Cone 10 and is 27 inches deep so there will be some sizable pieces coming out of the kiln this year. Much like this tall porcelain vase pictured below.

tall white porcelain vase made in Boston

It took roughly a year in the making to have this kiln arrive at the studio for 2016, so I am far gone and over the moon. If you need access to a less buoyant and excited person, please see my previous self from 2015. 

These days, it doesn't take much for me to smile. Porcelain and Stone grew from a rebranding of a business I started back in 2008 (surprised?) -- and when I relaunched it in 2012, things really began to takeoff. No classes, no courses... just a better sense of what I wanted to share with the world. "Hey world!"

I'll make attempts at sharing the lengthy and loopy thoughts of someone taking on a practically non-existent porcelain jewelry online market back in 2012 (there were three of us out there cutting a path through the tall and extremely saturated high-grass of the metal jewelry consumer market). For now? Please enjoy pictures from the studio that always make me happy. You have missed much my young and highly educated friendlies. Oh, I see you! I saw many of you over at my last pop-up. Thank you again if you had the chance to come out, or fly over specifically to Boston for my little and lovely shows at Forge Baking Co. and with Somerville Local is for Lovers at the Armory on Highland Ave. I am deeply thankful to have such good people visiting or sending nice emails my way in kind support.

marbled porcelain necklace, dainty jewelry, made in boston

This sweet and tiny marbled porcelain necklace is beginning to grow in popularity over in my shop. I'm not sure if it's because it is so flippin' cute, or because more folks have started to browse through the online shop. Either way, it is a special piece that comes on an equally special 14k gold-filled chain. I'm so happy when people are responsible about their metal choices and know the melt value of 14k gold-filled hardware. Understanding I don't work with plated metals is all I ask. I certainly would not suffer the 10+ years of nickel allergies to carry nickel in my own pieces. For shame! This danty piece has made way for additional experiments... in diamonds. [wiggles and jiggles eyebrows up and down.]

diamonds with gold and porcelain jewelry

There is one prototype of the porcelain and diamond experiment to be seen in the IG feed here. I'm still editing and may go for simple and clean in the final design. Just to enhance the diamond and present the porcelain in all of its natural and elegant beauty. This necklace will be paired on a fully 14k gold chain, so please remember to bring your shock face when I tally up the pricing of the final beauty. I see the shocked faces now at my next mini-craft show.... no one expects to come upon 14k or 22k gold at a craft show. [Self-pat on back for being so unassuming at small craft shows.]

porcelain and stone jewelry, gold necklace, made in boston

This 22k gold dipped pebble necklace has been featured in the Boston Globe twice now! Once back in 2013, and most recently at the end of 2015. It is featured here in porcelain, but I occasionally make it with speckled stoneware as well... which is just deliciously textured with specks of manganese burning through the soft blue glazing. I have it now in a smaller shape, on a slightly smaller 14k gold-filled chain, with a slightly smaller purchase amount to match all the cute that has been happening with this classic P+S piece. You'll find it over in the shop now. Take note! The chain and the scale of the sculpture are the only difference, the style is unchanged.

navy harbor chain necklace, porcelain and stone jewelry, made in boston

Then there is this fine and awesome Navy Harbor Chain necklace that has begun to take-off locally and I'm super please since the navy porcelain happens to be a current favorite ceramic body to work with more and more. I do indeed love the hand-marbling of the porcelain... but there is something striking about this solid navy with gold chains. I adore it and I'm happy to finally have shot an updated photo of it that looks true to life in my humble-maker opinion. 

Next I'll be making a custom request run of speckled stoneware, so keep your eyes out for that very soon.

coral necklace, hand carved jewelry, made in boston by porcelain and stone

Finally, it's quite possible you have not seen too much of this new coral branch piece. I had completed making it in late November, but have not had a chance to post up this piece for others to see until recently. It is frequently touched lovingly at shows and I'm already down to one piece and needing to make some more. It has been one of my pieces that I like to personally wear, in rotation with my new smaller dipped porcelain pebble... and my marbled gold bar necklace. Easy to wear... and actually, easy to run in! I hadn't meant to wear while running, or climbing for that matter, but it was barely noticeable and I felt accidentally fancy. It was strange. It was awesome. It is lightweight. 

Now, forgive me if I have product photo'ed you too much. These are only a few of my pride and joy pieces from the recent months. They are all derivatives of clay. Even the coral brass piece was sculpted initially in clay. I'll post more new products as they come rolling out in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes open for the porcelain bowls and tall vases I've been teasing out over on Instagram!