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      New Glazes coming soon!

      Five little espresso cups are tumble stacked in various colors. A Monstera plant is in the background.

      I'm constantly in Excel calculating my glazes to look a very specific way, and have to say, my nerdy creativity is my happy place. It also takes me a while to choose. So! I'm finally ready to share a glaze I worked on three years ago, and a new glaze I perfected over this summer. Bring on the satin-matte classiness for your Fall/Winter 2024.

      Metalsmithing Workshops in Boston

      Metalsmithing Workshops in Boston
      A few weeks ago, I started offering Metalsmithing Workshops in our SoWa Boston studio, right in the South End of Boston. It was such a sweet and peaceful launch. I felt lucky that it went over quietly, as I got to work one-on-one in some private sessions. Usually the classes are kept to four, but I have to say, it was really lovely to get a chance to share my work and my methods in what turned out to be a private lesson of a session! See what workshop are currently available, here.

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      Beauty Spatula tool for Gua Sha

      Beauty Spatula tool for Gua Sha

      The Gua Sha tool is one of my most favorite tools that I carve from porcelain. It connects me to my mother and memories of finding her using this technique. It also fills me with pride to bring a bit of my asian heritage to this realm where porcelain was the traditional tool practiced with so long ago. Because of my ceramic chemistry knowledge, I adore the confidence that comes with creating a tool that can serve multiple purposes without fear of the usual porosity from natural stones. The new Beauty Spatula for using with the Clay Mask Bowl is my secret little pocket gua sha tool and works great for mixing clay masks AND as a charcuterie knife. Surprise!

      New Earrings for the Fall

      Porcelain Earrings - two in one earring

      As summer winds down, the new Fall collection is starting to populate the website. Always excited to launch something a bit fun and different, and it's a bonus when it can exist as two different earrings in one! These updated designs to the previous Navigation style are making my heart soar and causing some curious eyeball stares. Every time I point out that they can swivel, or be worn as separates... people double-take and grab to hold them closer. Take look for yourself. :)