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      The American Craft Council show!

      The American Craft Council show!

      Excited for our upcoming show in Baltimore at the American Craft Council show! In just one week, we'll have our porcelain jewelry and new pieces to show a crowd we have missed seeing since 2019. Now known as the American Craft Council Baltimore Marketplace, it is held inside of the Baltimore Convention Center. Come March 3 - 5th, the weekend will be filled with unique pieces crafted by professional creatives all across the country. It will be hard to get all of us under one roof again, but... we do try!

      This has always been a happy event to attend where I can meet other fellow artisan friends and spend a bit of time with with my eyes up instead of my neck bent permanently at an angle while working on pieces. So, a bit of fun and healthy body relief! But as for new pieces? After the show, I'll have more new pieces up on the website to share.

      Thrilled to be back at this ACC show. Looking forward to some of your new and ol' friendly faces! Always excited to share with you some of the new work that gets me up in the morning.