Jewelry Dish for Elegant Organization October 11 2019

trinket dish

When it comes to jewelry organization and being a jeweler, the common question I am asked most often is how I store or keep my jewelry. Frankly, outside of being the creative designer and maker of carefully carved and crafted porcelain and stone jewelry, I really have a minimalist approach to my favorite items.

Jewelry is quite special for me, especially because I grew up with and still have such sensitive skin issues with nickel and copper. So the items I make for myself that are safe enough for my metal allergy skin are quite precious.

ring dish jewelry holder

I ritually like to put my jewelry on before going out. I adore taking my pieces off when I get home to relax and breathe. I always put my favorite pieces in the same spot (because otherwise I WILL lose my "totem" jewelry pieces). These are the pieces I simply identify with and feel naked without.

Since I like to focus on the design of a piece, even as simple as it may seem, I made sure to ask folks that used a jewelry dish what it was they liked and disliked about their use of it to store their own jewelry. Basically, how was it and was it serving them well? I'm not typically interested in re-inventing the wheel. But I certainly like to improve upon an experience, even as gentle as something to elegantly hold your special items. The stories I was told came down to this: that people were looking to have a deeper walled ring dish. It needed to be taller, so if they used it for earring storage, their studs wouldn't roll out if they bumped their table or dresser.

bracelet holder

On the other hand of designing things, I like the ability to turn the pieces I make into multi-use objects. (Like that time I made convertible travel jewelry.) So in making and designing a jewelry dish, I had it in the back of my head that I wanted it to be just sized, so it could also be used as a perfect side dipping dish for oils and sauces to pair with a small plates kind of meal. I love a combo piece that can serve double duty and it makes the design of the piece that much more useful and valid for every day use. My favorite thing at jewelry shows is to use the jewelry dish as a bracelet holder. There's just something about a stack of cuffs that always gets me.

Looking for a way to store your earrings? Here's a cute solution called, the Lily Pad.

porcelain and stone jewelry dish

Let me know your thoughts about the new jewelry dish in the comments below! I'm so happy to finally share these online after folks have been asking about them at shows.