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      Jewelry, crafted in Boston - A visual trip through time


      ...technically, through about a month of little random photos shot here and there for the IG account. Because it's my way of fun... and pictures make me happy. Enjoy!

      Pin the one's you love and I'll hopefully see it. Come visit the pop-up shop at Olives and Grace on Oct. 18th! More info on Facebook here

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      Working Hard for My... Existence

      This past week + has been busy in the studio with managing large incoming orders and choreographing the upcoming launch of some new products to get ready for the line sheet updates going out for the end of the second Quarter. I'm honestly thankful things have been quiet in the building I work out of because while distractions are important and fun, I get...

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      Modular Jewelry for Traveling in Style

      This past Friday was the official launch of Porcelain and Stone’s unique new line of Convertible Jewelry. After many months of testing and perfecting, the necklace-to-bracelet wearing jewelry collection has finally launched! I know many of you were waiting for it to release since last year. Truly, I love to flaunt things that I make while I “test wear” the product looking for design flaws. I wore this convertible jewelry from...

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