Working Hard for My... Existence June 03 2015

This past week + has been busy in the studio with managing large incoming orders and choreographing the upcoming launch of some new products to get ready for the line sheet updates going out for the end of the second Quarter. I'm honestly thankful things have been quiet in the building I work out of because while distractions are important and fun, I get more satisfaction out of creating and coming up with new designs.... always!

Some behind the scenes happenings included building out a new show display for an upcoming private fashion show (tomorrow night)!

Checking in and making deliveries for some of my favorite local shops in the area was another great way to get out in the gorgeous weather we had last week and exchange some real life smiley faces. I managed to sneak over to 13 Forest Gallery, Magpie, Fleet Street Guild, and Templeton General... and while I wasn't able to hit up everyone on the list, I have another bunch of orders I'm working on for additional Boston/Austin delivery.

Along with doing the usual test runs for a large PO that's coming up, things have been tame I guess? My June/July tends to have a high jump in terms of activity and sales so I am definitely in preparation mode and then of course, like everyone else, it's the big ramp up for 4th Quarter!

What's not to love about this beautiful city?

Does it sound romantic? In my mind, I have been loving it. I love talking with folks on the phone, via email, or often face-to-face. The countless number of people I have met and gotten to work with on designs for their engagement proposals or 18th Wedding Anniversary gifts has been... what's the word? Surprising? Humbling? Maybe an honor? Oye! We have been down this cheesy road before my friends, but let's just say... keep pushing and don't stop.