Modular Jewelry for Traveling in Style May 26 2015

This past Friday was the official launch of Porcelain and Stone’s unique new line of Convertible Jewelry.  This modular jewelry is designed to wear as a necklace or as a bracelet depending on your personal style needs and can expand to create more luxurious looks. After many months of testing and perfecting, the necklace-to-bracelet wearing jewelry collection has finally launched!

I know many of you were waiting for it to release since last year. Truly, I love to flaunt things that I make while I “test wear” the product looking for design flaws. I wore this convertible jewelry from Miami, FL to Ithaca, NY and I must say that I simply loved wearing it as a necklace on most trips. It made the perfect accent piece that I could easily convert to a bracelet and go out on the town feeling ready to change up my look if I felt it suited my day's uniform best. Having this necklace/bracelet combo helped me to travel with less jewelry because it was also my go-to piece.

This modular jewelry design feels very much like me. Right down to how it was designed to function and expand based on your whims. Back when I was doing architecture, I created a modular wall system that was designed to be manipulated based on the user’s needs. It was a simple system that was manually driven: so if the person in the space needed a table for a meeting, they could pop-it open and slide it out to lock into place. Maybe they needed more space and some stage lighting? You could flip the table up to reveal three hot lights while a floating wall seat could be popped out and blocked into place. The wall-flipping and spacial blocking went on and on for about five more possible conceptions, but it was my pride and joy piece at MIT that I was asked to enter into a competition. I never did submit it, but these ideas exist more frequently in the built world now. Because they matter, they are useful, and they save space. These are fun problems to try to solve and modular jewelry is my new fun.

I hope you all enjoy this collection as it grows.