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      Nickel Free Earrings When it seems like You're Allergic to Everything

      That was me from about age seven (well, I'm actually probably four or five in this photo). Off and on, my parents couldn't figure out why I would be allergic to my watches or silver things that had claims of "hypoallergenic earrings." They just knew I could wear... (read more)

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      Long Awaited! New Small Heritage Stud Earrings

      tiny stud earrings

      I have been wanting to do some sort of unique tiny stud earrings for some time now. It was starting about eight or nine months ago now that I began trying to finally create them.

      Handmade stud earrings might seem like they don't take too long to create, but in my experience, those quickly made earrings aren't the kind that really last as long if not given the right amount of R&D love that I tend to obsessively give without apology. I mean this in that...

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      Wine this weekend and other colorful choices

      Blush Peach Pillow Prong Set Studs

      The year is already off to a busy start and the Chloe dog is hot on the trail of new smells and lots of naps. She has already slept her way from Boston to NYC, whined all over West Village and slept all the way through my NY NOW show at the Javits Center in Manhattan. New products are going to be officially launching over…

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      New pieces for the Fall

      New pieces for the Fall

      Porcelain Jewelry - Porcelain and Stone Jewelry made in Boston

      I only just realized how long it has been since I last shared something via the website! Many apologies my friendly readers. Most of you already follow me via the Instagram page, so at least you know somewhat of what is going on at the studio. Still alive and well!

      Newsletter folks, you already heard the good word, but for everyone else not signed up for updated, [drum roll please]... the new Heritage Collection has just launched! I couldn't be more...

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