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      Organizing studio life and NEW Workshops

      Getting back to Boston was great because I just wanted some of that peaceful quietness to get some work done at the studio. Organizing a space for better work function can be pretty effective, so I figured it was time to mount-up the shelves and stop dawdling on the last bit of polishing-up the studio was in need... (read more)

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      Upcoming Events in the Studio!

      ...and other impossibly cool upcoming events.

      Last week was an awesome week. The potential for moving-stress never actually came to fruition. Why? Because... my husband! That's why. Many folks over at Joy Street Studios already observed that while I was off traveling... click here for more wild-good times.

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      New Studio Space for a Growing Business.

      It's a official! Porcelain and Stone has setup residence in another studio space--the fourth since P+S started in 2012. Sharing a few snapshots of the space that you are just dying to visit. Click to see more...

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