Organizing studio life and NEW Workshops December 02 2014

The studio windows, without shelves mounted on the right.

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving week and weekend! Mine was spent bouncing from friends to my husband's family, to my family in Vermont, and back to friends again in Boston. Needless to say, there was a good portion of food to be had. Having a little friends tradition has been a nice annual thing and this year was tastier than the last! We had duck, there was a bottle of 1995 Vouvray Demi-Sec, and even a sweet potato pie. My friends are awe-some... and families are super nice, too.

Getting back to Boston was great because I just wanted some quietness to get some work done at the studio. Organizing a space for better work function can be pretty effective, so I figured it was time to mount-up the shelves and stop dawdling on the last bit of polishing-up the studio was in need of... (ugh, ending a sentence with a preposition!)

There is only good that can come from organizing our living or working spaces. Be that if you are donating things or down-sizing your space, to upgrading to accommodate future items or people. In my case, I moved into a larger studio for better work-life satisfaction and to accommodate the expansion of Porcelain and Stone into a few new line categories.

The above image shows what I see now when I turn around from my drafting table by the windows. It looks absolutely inspiring to me and makes me want to get down to work. Not that it requires much effort to inspire me to get my hands dirty.


Finally, launched a new Workshop section to the website last week. So, every now and then you'll see new workshop postings that will be available for sign-up. The easiest thing to do if you want to be notified when a new workshop becomes available is to get thee on the Newsletter (which I haven't started writing, but I will for you kids *cluck-cluck.*)

I have been so excited to hold workshops (aka creative parties) since I started in 2012; it's exciting to finally be offering some! The first workshop is a pretty fun one, where we can gather around the center tables in the studio and glaze our own porcelain ornaments. Basically, it's a painting party! You'll get to have your own set of porcelain ornaments that you custom glazed. There are only a limited number of spots right now, but check it out and think about making something handmade for a lovely friend or family member.


So, now that the year is quickly coming to a close --what with it being December, the last month of the year-- a lot of wonderful opportunities have come Porcelain and Stone's way. In a brief reflection of the year, I have made some tough choices turning down a couple of larger retail accounts, but all in the good name of building something that my future design team can love and respect! This isn't just any ceramic studio. It's not even your typical jewelry shop setup. Hopefully, it's something... you just haven't seen yet.