Ornament prep and future Workshops December 10 2014

Prep for the first workshop seems to be solid and set for tomorrow. I have been looking forward to doing workshops for so long and I cannot believe tomorrow is the big day! I have at least four folks in the books and may possibly have room for two more (if learning about how to make an ornament and glazing eight pieces to keep... rings your holiday bell)!

A last minute cleaning of the space will be in order because I like to be tidy despite what my husband thinks.

Next in the line-up of workshops, I'm hoping to do a fixer-upper type of freshening up for old jewelry or broken jewelry that you all may have hidden away. Do you have vintage pieces that were handed down? A pair of earrings you simply love, but are allergic to? Know what is wrong with a broken necklace but don't know how to fix it? Let's play a little "House Doctor" in January!

I'll try to be good about posting a Newsletter about the pending workshops starting in January.

Until then, maybe I'll have some fun little photos to share next week from this week's ornament glazing workshop.