Upcoming Events in the Studio! November 12 2014

Flower Folk Apothecary tea pictured here.

...and other impossibly cool upcoming events.

Last week was an awesome week. The potential for moving-stress never actually came to fruition. Simply because of my husband. Many fine folks over at Joy Street Studios already observed that while I was off traveling, my Fez was moving studios... FOR ME. He is kind of an amazing person. But let us not dwell on these things!

Thankfully! On top of quickly switching studios in a matter of days, I had my first visitors to the new studio last week on Tuesday evening. It was a #meetingofthemakers as we like to hashtag ourselves, because that's what little and awesome artisan makers do on a budget. We hashtag the fun out of things. We got together for the planning of an upcoming event: of which you can find out more over here!

We gathered together all in the name of food and freedom. I'm not going to lie. A lot of shots were taken... with my camera. Even better though, homemade foods were consumed.

This is all to say, if you're moving into a new space, be it a home or a new studio or office. Have an event within a few days of moving in! It will get you moving in high-gear and hurry that settling-down mode up. Who knows how long I would have taken to get going in the new space, but I'm thankful that all of that is out of the way and I'm ready to just start working again.

Click for all the detail for this weekend's Renegade show in NYC!

Big events happening this upcoming weekend? Renegade Craft Fair in Manhattan! Porcelain and Stone will be hauling ass-ortments of everything. From jewelry, to a few little mini-vases and holiday ornaments. Only bringing a few of these because my main focus is still on the jewelry line and something else pretty fun that keeps my brain buzzing. I'm such a tease and I don't plan on sharing all that info just yet. Tra-la-la! [Skips away.]

Here is the final line-up for a year in shows:

Nov 15 + 16: Renegade Craft Fair NYC 11am - 6pm

Nov 20: Pop-up shop with Templeton General 6 - 8pm

Nov 22 + 23: Joy Street's 10th Anniversary Open Studios 12 - 6pm

Dec 6: Meeting of the Makers Show

Dec 13: Mini Pop-up shop in Newton

Dec 14: Local is for Lovers, Somerville

See you in NYC this weekend or perhaps over in JP for the cozy and warm, know-thy-neighbor December show? If you cannot wait to see the new studio space all moved in and surprisingly pristine, checkout the mini-tour I posted up or feel free to come out to open studios on Nov. 22-23. I like it when you like to visit! Even better if you feel like hopping over to a pop-up shop in Fort Point on Nov 20th... that's a Thursday! Checkout Templeton General Store in the heart of Fort Point. Come say hi, make friendly with the owner and afterwards? Grab a dapper lil' cocktail at Drink, heck, it's a Thursday night in Boston. Always be making friends!