New Studio Space for a Growing Business. November 06 2014 2 Comments

A little pop-up table for doing a few secret things that will go out in a month or so...

It's official! Porcelain and Stone has setup residence in another studio space--the fourth since P+S started in 2012.

My beautiful old camera sitting next to a pot of luxurious kaolin clay, a prime ingredient for making porcelain.

Not to worry, the studio is still located in the fantastic Somerville space many of us call Joy Street Studios. I am beyond happy with the new layout and cannot believe how spacious the whole studio is now. Fully ready for production and growing of all things ceramic and deliciously fired in the kiln!

The glazing station! Where pretty much only three glazes are used. But, choices!

Here is a quick little studio tour for those of you that might not get a chance to trek out and see it in the near future. 

Shot of the central portion of the studio, with East facing windows.

Small batch kilns: where the magic happens.

Know that you are always welcome to come visit the wee shop and further more... why not try visiting during open studios this month? After the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn this month, Nov. 15-16, swing by Joy Street Studios for their big decade anniversary! Nov. 22-23 from 12pm-6pm.

A big bunch of artists and other making professionals will be in their studios to chat and share their works of passion. Why not come take advantage of their free time? You never know when you might make a new friend... or discover someone awesome. Like me. ^__^