Porcelain Jewelry for 18th Wedding Anniversary December 27 2016

porcelain anniversary jewelry

It's been coming up on 4.5 years now since officially starting Porcelain and Stone. Over the years it has been very common for me to receive orders and requests from fine loving people, wanting help in celebrating their 18th and or 20th wedding anniversaries. It has been one of those big grin moments I get to celebrate when I know I'm making things not just for beautiful and elegant statement jewelry; but, to celebrate momentous occasions.

gold inscription porcelain anniversary

One project in particular was a very specific porcelain tile bracelet with melted 22k gold vignettes that were designed to provide a time-caught memory for this couple of birds with their three kids: from start of their relationship to current day pre-teen family. It was a lot of work getting it all as hoped for and expected, but thankfully enough time was given ahead and it was a dream working to achieve both my aesthetic for Porcelain and Stone, and this family gentleman's visual wishes.

custom porcelain anniversary jewelry

While I don't have a fully finished photograph of the project because I opted to suggest and work with a jeweler closer to where this lovely guy lived, I have no regrets! From the task of applying the 22k gold carefully, and smoothing the porcelain down just-so to make sure the inscriptions on the back were legible... I gained so much from this project, including that big heart-feeling hug you get when you cannot wait for his wife to receive it. 

She loved it.

porcelain jewelry by porcelain and stone