Making big decisions for your Startup January 06 2015 1 Comment

A little coffee time pause to actually turn-around and look back at 2014. 

This past year was kind of incredible to reflect on. So I'll commence with a quick little rundown of the highlights!

Porcelain and Stone was published for the first time in a book called "1000 Beads" by Lark. Invited to sell on One Kings Lane. Began selling on Newbury Street in Boston. Had our first celebrity customer encounter at Brooklyn Renegade to make our little heart go all a pitter-patter. Printed (and on the web!) in the Boston Globe and The Improper Bostonian. Featured on Style Me Pretty as part of a New England wedding shoot with The Little Things; and had a big year of participating in a luxury trade show, an early Javits Center trade show, and the big International Gift Fair Trade Show now known as NY NOW in parternship with Etsy Wholesale.

I even grew into a bigger studio space so I might one day get to say "we!" -- and not just the Fez, Chloe, and I, "we."

This list is more for me than for you my friends, but I cannot believe what lovely folks have floated my way over the past year. This is all to say... I had a lot of fun just walking the long path to right here-and-now. I have had the great honor to work with lovely buyers and owners from retail and museum shops. Great fun was even had traveling to far away shows and meeting new people! But, with the positives come the opposite side of the coin: but both sides of the coin are helpful in gaining life lessons. Having received exciting inquiries from a couple of well-known big brands was a positive. Making the right choice for the future of the company itself was a bummer. I was apprehensive at the start of 2014 and I wasn't sure how I was going to grow Porcelain and Stone but the one focus that remained was creating something brilliant. Something that I loved that maybe some of my friendly-faced folks had yet to see. Something that was made with great thought and great care. The one thing I always strive for in the things that make up P&S is the quality from beginning to the end, and beyond. Quality for me, equals luxury. So throughout this past year, I made sure to always focus on how I would make sure to provide only quality products and experiences for my favorite folks. This really made my decision making process very simple.

So a few final thoughts:

Thank you so much from the bottom-to-the-top of my wee little heart. Porcelain and Stone could not be where it is today without your kind words, support, and favorite pieces that you love.

Awesome things don't happen overnight: that can make for a journey full of ups and downs and incredible stories and new friendships.

I am honored by the first few inquiries that have been trickling in, about if or when I might be hiring. I love everyone who has written in!

So looking forward to holding more fun workshops this year. I simply adore having visitors over to the porcelain studio and showing you what it is I do, and why I love to do it.

On the horizon... I am excited about the gold karat-i-ness that the new year will bring in experimental jewelry and fresh new concepts. I have had a large number of engagement ring requests this past year. So, things are moving kids! Get excited. As my old high school teacher Mr. Joseph Heller would say, "The worm is turning."

Happy New Year to you all!