The First Ornament Workshop December 30 2014

The first workshop for Porcelain and Stone was earlier this December. I was so excited to finally be hosting a creative workshop. So, naturally I wanted to make sure everyone was comfortable. Refreshments were at hand for folks coming from their various places of work. It called for Union Square Donuts, obviously.

Some very modest wine, tea, and cheese were made available though I'll say that most everyone seemed excited about making their ornaments.

A multitude of colorful underglazes were provided and as I had learned, sometimes less direction in the case of getting others to be creative is the best way to get folks comfortable with experimenting. I have always believed there is no wrong way to do something. You learn the best way, is very subjective to your own personal comforts. Hence! No rules.

It was a delight to watch Pawblo Picasso, a studio neighbor, working her dog-loving magic on the porcelain bisque-ware.

Each person had their own beautiful way of glazing their given pieces and so many of the designs were unique and sweet.

A shot of some of the last few ornament pieces that were finished up in the kiln. I'm just glad I remembered to take a final shot before these went out the door! It will be fun to hold another glaze-type workshop this coming year. For January, I'm looking forward to starting off with a little intro jewelry workshop for folks with vintage or broken jewelry that need a little more love to be worn again.