Constant Motion: Pushing through the Storm February 10 2015

The last month went by surprisingly quickly here in Boston and here we are in the long last stretch of winter weather: the exciting snow storm season. I'll call it the end at the first or second week in April, but what an impressive winter it continues to be with the immense amount of snow piling up outside... and no place to put it.

Dealing with the snow has been easy as I continue to work away at last year's sketches and trying to make them a reality. My coffee ritual is daily, unless it is broken up by a stray Thai tea here or a Chai tea there. The new buoy planter has been my last month's smile maker. I'm glad I decided to finally finish it after all! I had it on my shelves for a bit, you'll probably be able to spot them in this old blog post.

In the next few weeks you will be seeing more wholesale orders getting prepped and shipped out (over on the Instagram feed). As well as a couple big new statement pieces in the works, once again inspired by nautical elements and underwater beauties.

I meant to have a workshop thrown in there last month, so I will definitely push out a newsletter the next time I schedule one! I ended up pulling back on the schedule just so I could complete a bunch of large wholesale orders and finish working on last year's conceptual ideas.

Big warms wishes wherever you may be in the world! Lovely Valentine's Day weekend wishes... if thaz how you do.