Behind the scenes in the creative business studio April 02 2015

Last month was pretty amazing for the studio. It went through a huge leap in finally getting unpacked and boxes moved out or into storage and we had our first guest workshop in the new space. It was exciting to realize the potential for the space and holding larger workshops. This is what it looked like in November with the first move-in.

First thrown coffee pour over for a studio friend at Joy Street Studios.

Organized wall of jewelry with gold painted deck screws. Shop the collection here.

The new and improved studio organization also has lent itself to picking up a few of my old pro side projects: photo shoots! I no longer try to put the word out about my past photo business in wedding photography and events but occasionally I'll make an exception when a friendly person comes a knocking. March was full of a couple of such friendly people, and since it was still the first Quarter, I made sure to pack my calendar filled with good people.

In Natalia's beautiful studio space.

Which included tea & coffee with the likes of my studio building mates and neighbors: Natalia Wrobel (painter extraordinaire), Jenny Milwid (leather and calligrapher amazingness), and Faune Stevens (materiality and the body... goddess). It's most important I give her the highest praise as every now and then someone in the building mistakes me for her: asking if I received his/her email, etc. It's all very entertaining to play along with those folks, too. Much like I will talk to my husband while he's sleeping. 

Him: "We have to get that out today..." [mumbled sleep-talk]

Me: "Oh no! But, I didn't do it." [no idea what he's talking about]

Him: "...." [probably fell back into a deeper sleep]

Me: "What are we going to do!?" [play with meeeee]

Creation of art itself looks deliciously beautiful. "Just" the artist's working painting palette.

This mini-weekday treat was a fun impromptu gathering of some great and growing businesses in the area and I was simply delighted to be in the company of such creative minds. I am always a fan of sharing business intentions as well as exploring other business potential and learning about how people or things work.

Wall of thought and creative inspirations.

You simply never stop learning and I have no intentions of getting too comfy.

Faune's elegantly clean approach to her design process. Also, the same studio I used to work out of one year ago. Such beautiful light!

In upcoming events, this April is going to be a lot of fun. I'll be hosting a bachelorette workshop and showing a few ideas for starting to work with clay design and making jewelry.

There is also a candle making workshop coming up so definitely keep your scent smelling noses on the lookout for that. 

Personal projects and things for upcoming workshops.

Very excited to be taking a quick trip to New Orleans and West Palm Beach to see friends later this month. So excited that one of my best-of-friends is getting married! As always, look for updates here when I'm not rambling on in a blog post.