Porcelain Vessels Made in Somerville May 04 2015

succulents in porcelain vessels, succulent ideas

It's been a long time coming and I feel like every time I announce one of the new pieces I cannot help but saying how "thrilled" I am about their final release.

You may have already seen these undulating porcelain wave vessels over in the workshop section, but if you haven't, not only have they been beautiful little treats for my eyes as I walk into the studio these days while working to put the Candle Making Workshop together; I have finally gotten a few succulent plants to fill their empty void. Apparently succulent plants are pretty simple to take care of and they have such a lovely textural quality to them. So, I just cannot get enough.

succulent in porcelain vase, made by Porcelain and Stone

Spring is finally here and the porcelain studio windows are wide open letting a refreshing breeze in to my bright white space. I love how the little "Dr. Seuss" one almost jingles with the wind every now and then.

succulent gift ideas, porcelain planters made in Boston

These will be in the shop soon enough. I just had to share the pretty wee photos shot in the studio this past week!

Kimberly | Porcelain and Stone