Porcelain and Gold Engagement Solitaire Style Rings April 12 2016 1 Comment

porcelain gold river ring made by Porcelain and Stone

This month is the month for porcelain rings! Not just the the well loved river rings which got picked up by Free People last year. Though they have hence sold out on their side... I still make 'em!

April is the month. We're moving into a new era [points indignant finger]. We, as in my studio dog and I, couldn't be less curled-up-and-sleeping-on-a-floor-rug content with ourselves! We have moved up in this world. I cannot tell you how exciting it is to be able to offer a ring that so many people had come to me requesting starting at least 2.5 years ago. I usually declined and offered to pair them up with some of my other favorite and friendly talented jewelers I know and love. So, I'm so glad those relationships came to be and I got the time to dedicate my explorations as organically as I saw fit. It has been years in the making but that simple, all made in America engagement ring has finally arrived for me and I'm content to share it.


porcelain and gold engagement ring by porcelain and stone

If y'all hadn't gently pushed me constantly over the years with special requests; I wouldn't have felt as bad as I did when I would reside myself to saying no to you as honestly and as I could.

unique porcelain rings, made by PorcelainAndStone.com, American made in Boston

Saying no is totally a good thing in this case, because it allowed me the time to figure out what I saw as physical issues for one of the most actively worn parts for the body to wear jewelry.

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Designing rings requires the piece to be strong and sturdy, and with that in mind, I also went for a delicate balance to bring intrigue but still portray the minimal simplicity of the strength of porcelain over centuries to come.

porcelain and gold solitaire ring made in Boston, Porcelain and Stone

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There are so many more rings I'm preparing for this month. I hope this is as exciting for you as it is for me!