If I had a shop full of favorites... September 09 2016

Porcelain Jewelry at Harvard Art MuseumsPorcelain and Stone Jewelry at Harvard Art Museums

Often times, I'll curate a selection of my favorite porcelain makers that are doing our little world some justice. They aren't doing the bare minimum, they are highlighting the endearing qualities that this very old, highly respected material deserves. If I had a shop, it would be full of these lovely porcelain makers, in no specific order...

Jo Boyer -- work made by Jo is just begging to be touched. It's so tactile and beautifully textured. I already own a nice collection of her pieces, but I'm always transfixed with her porcelain work. 

Goutte de Terre -- my porcelain brother abroad! While we aren't actually related, he has my heart. His designs are what my mind always go towards. What you see from PS is very edited down, and I adore what Goutte de Terre allows in his designs. You might say I am obsessed.

Element Clay -- creates elaborate designs full of organic textures of a repetitive nature. The amount of patience and detail that goes into this work is deserving of a 30 minute round-of applause. She's been going since 2007, I remember spotting her work in 2008 and by 2009 she was inspiring me to find my own design style.

Eliana Bernard -- this lovely human designer has gone from exploring work from her previous gold-lace collection, to working in all things marbled. Excited to see what inspires her next.

Camilla Broyn -- this Swedish designer captures me visually with her clean lines and friendly nature. She works with geometric shapes and is creating porcelain jewelry that I like. Git some.

Red Raven -- now a west coast sister, Red Raven Studios and I met at our first NYNOW show way back when. Her watercolor wares and gorgeous clean lines are probably already in your home.

Honeycomb Studios -- my southern lass, another lovely alum from NYNOW that you will fall in love with as soon as your eyes make contact. This just makes all the sense.

Up in the Air Somewhere -- Susan is an explorer of the visual minimal aesthetic. There is something so poetic and romantic about what she creates. I believe in the big things that will come out of her mind. I adore her taste opinion. Also! Yet another NYNOW alum from whence we were all curated by Etsy Wholesale's first line-up of ceramic designers to know at the Javits Center.

Zoe Comings -- this lovely woman first introduced herself to me in Austin, TX while I did a pop-up with Brit+Co and her charm took hold when I met her at NYNOW a year later. She is creating a feminine line of sweet porcelain jewelry and elevates the aesthetic of wearable porcelain. Happy to have her clean style representing porcelain jewelry in our world.

BarrowPDX -- two wonder women, coming at you from Portland, OR -- the fine folks here are creating a fiber inspired, porcelain + gold jewelry look that is still unseen. Modern and minimal, they too are elevating the world of porcelain jewelry and of course they need to be in my imaginary shop. Are you kidding?

Melissa Weiss Pottery -- I just want to touch everything. Sums up most of my feelings perfectly.

Noel Bailey Ceramics -- the inspiration and concepts that come out of his mind are so simple, yet subtly sexy. How could you not want to hold one of his designs? He represents a high level of porcelain design and is also one individual that may have inspired me to take the leap towards porcelain back in 2008 or was it 2007?

porcelain jewelry by Porcelain and Stone, made in Boston, MAPorcelain and Stone Jewelry on display before shipping out

I'm certainly missing many more. But this short list of folks represent the people I believe are changing lanes and pushing beyond, and that's really all I ask for in my little imaginary shop of amazing. As I have said from the beginning when I first started Porcelain and Stone, I desire to change your expectations. Life's just too short to do the same-same. Show me some of that new-new.