Making little tech investments June 08 2016

Much can be said of switching up your camera setup and mobile working situation. I've been making motions towards making work life a bit smoother and I'm so happy I finally made the plunge. Being able to grab my mini iPad to do work emails, blog posts, and even putting together invoices has taken away a lot of stress I wasn't even aware I had floating around. Normally, I feel like a pretty happy and easy-going type... So experiencing a noticeable relief of the work load is a nice and welcome feeling.

Porcelain necklace, 22k gold ocean bar necklace

Grabbing quick photos of the jewelry these days has been more enjoyable now that I have decided to put down the pro cameras I own and let them... maybe retire from their professional photography shooting days. For just shy of a week now, I have been shooting on the Fujifilm x100T and I love it. It has the same accessible manual controls right at your fingertips, much like my pro cameras, but for half the cost and significantly less weight. I don't mind a heavy camera, in fact, they are great for the arms of a ceramicist! But, I'm much more inclined to bring my Fujifilm with me now when I head in to the studio or out into the city.

Porcelain candle vessels, porcelain planters

The morning I shot this photo of the buoy and wave vessels freshly unloaded from their glaze firing, it was my first full day with the camera. It has made shooting day-to-day exciting again. Nay, perhaps a bit romantic, too.

These little life changes didn't happen overnight and investing in these things wasn't my first choice for the longest time. I'll admit though! Making an investment here and there for the future is never a bad thing.

French lace in porcelain vessel

Who could disagree with that? Excited to share more about the soy wax candle collaboration that is in motion this week. First delivery of these re-usable porcelain candle vessels is headed out to Crane and Lion in Beacon Hill (Boston) and over to their other shop in Nantucket!