The hot month of July July 24 2015

This month has been full of weekend retreats to the lakeside, fire pit sessions, and gloriously filling large wholesale orders.


Recording a fun little slow-motion videos for an exciting product release with Free People happened. Basically, me in the studio... blowing on some gold foil. [one eyebrow wiggle]

Carved River Rings from Kimberly Huestis on Vimeo.


Whilst all this busy work of carving and shipping, I have found a way to make ice cream a 10 minute session. As someone who is always non-stop, "Hey! Let's make it!" I've found the casual throwing together of ingredients, roughly eye-balled and then eaten as a frozen treat all the more fun because it's edible... and I love ice cream. So, thinking up new ice cream flavors to experiment with have mostly consumed my off-hour creative juices.

During the work hour while I'm reclaiming and recycling clay, shaping it, and generally having a photo party in the studio; I have reached a huge goal of mine to consistently put my cartoon-habit drawings onto my porcelain pots. I have had this mask since maybe 2009... an I finally fired it earlier this week a few times. The pleasure it brings me comes with excitement and pride. Better late than never!

As usual, I always have something hiding in the wings, if not... in process and I seriously am usually giddy/anxious about finishing it. You all have clearly noticed the teasing over on Instagram. Most of you have been very interested in the brass cuff I made... for myself! So, I'll have to think about sharing or showing y'all how to make one. Tough decisions ahead for the gal who adores being the only one with certain items. Remember the long amount of time I waited before sharing the black/noir porcelain chains?

Your love and patience with my exploratory habits and excitability towards all things that don't bother my skin and suit my pH is appreciated! I feel a reward is coming, it's been probably two years since the last one... I like the unpredictability of it all, but perhaps the frequency should be looked at. 

But first! Design.