Gathering Bridal Gift Ideas April 23 2018

Every now and then I go through this little stage of, oh yes! I should create images that can be shareable via Pinterest. This is one of those posts. All for the straight up, vertical glory of social media sharing. Because folks seem to like to Pin the products, and I would rather be useful in all the ways I can during this brief flicker of life on this sweet earth. So, for your simple picture enjoyment.... [cheesy marching drum roll]...

bridesmaids jewelry gift, porcelain and stone Mint Porcelain Jewelry, bridal gifts, porcelain and stone

The porcelain studs are by far, the most popular gifts that I get to make for brides and their bridal parties. It shouldn't be a surprise because the Porcelain and Stone studs in particular are known for their safe and full gold goodness for those with metal allergies and issues with plated metals. All the jewelry is 14k gold-filled seen here, so the benefit is that it's actual bonded gold, no electroplating, meaning: it will not "wear" off. It's an actual gold sheet of metal. 14k gold is known for it's stability and that just doesn't wear away in good jewelry. That's not a thing you need to worry about with 14k gold-filled. What you want to worry about is... [slaps knee] which color you want to get to match your flowers!

Yeah, I did that. I don't feel bad, because weddings make me so happy!! I actually get facial cramps because I'm always smiling so much. It's horrible. Being this happy inside and out. [Really, I can't stop with the joy.]

Dolce & Gabbana meets Porcelain and Stone

This was a flatlay styled photo that I was playing around with because whenever I travel, I always grab a few treats for the road when prepping to be dressed and agile in all the style categories. In particular, I have been gently obsessing over this Third Piece jersey yarn and still have yet to decide how I want to pair it with the porcelain pieces. The red glasses are just an accidental surprise that I invested in with my husband because (1) I'm super blind, and you tend to invest in your eye sight if you are a visual artist; (2) I like red, but you wouldn't know it until now... because I have red glasses now. So, you're probably wondering, how did I take this photo?! Well, thanks for wondering. The many realities of being legally blind and being required to correct my vision if I want to hit the road mean I have extra glasses I can wear (collected over a lifetime) and I also have contacts for when I want to feel like a normal human with peripheral vision. Peripheral vision is a seriously under-rated luxury that only glasses wearing nerds can commiserate over the pleasures of... if you're not a four-eyed nerd like moi, you just might not undersand that horse-with-blinders feeling I'm talking about. But city horses no what I'm talkin' about (high-five up top, my horse friends)!

Fake or real craziness aside, flat lays are rather beautiful and I'm not going to pretend they don't haunt me or make me laugh if done with my kind of quirky humor. This image has no humor unfortunately. It does have a great perfume made by monks for 600 years, initially started because the black plague was so flippin' stinky. I got this perfume all the way in Florence, Italy a couple years ago... but you can get it in NYC or if you're lucky and they carry a scent you like, you can find some at the Isabella Stewart Gardener gift shop in Boston. 

Until next time, which could be two days or two months from now. Keep your Pinterest activities to a maximum. Thaaaanx!