Graduation and Making New Memories June 08 2018

charles river, boston charles river, sunset river

Six mile run along the Boston Charles River, but in Cambridge


It's that time of the year: the pollen is flying, the recently anointed society "adults" are capped and gowned, and --usually unrelated--your friends are all getting married or having baby showers.

 It's summer! Almost, sort-of!

This is usually a time of the year I refer to as the summer holiday season. It gets pretty busy in the studio and it's exciting as a lot of bridal clients reach out and we get to chat about all the lovey-dovey things that are about to make continuous and lasting memories with their friends and family. I get to hear about dresses, color palettes, flowers, and even talk wedding photography.

With folks graduating and new exciting memories being made, I too get to jump on this seasonal flood of happy vibes. This is usually the time of year I get to decide on whether or not I'm planning to road trip, fly, or stay in the Boston area for summer shows. This year, I'll be doing another road trip! [Use your best inner Oprah Winfrey voice.]

I am so excited to be going to Chicago for the first time to do a show for Gold Coast Art Fair! It's a two day weekend show on June 16th and 17th. I love this area of Chicago but I have never done this show before, so pretty excited to be going as the first gallery to ever carry my work was right in Chicago! Plus, it's kind of a beautiful city, no?

I'll also be headed out to Seattle for Renegade Craft Fair July 21st and 22nd, and then the next weekend I'll be doing BAM!! The Bellevue Art Museum ARTSfair! It's also my first time joining this show and I was pretty thrilled to learn I'll get to take my sweet time in the Seattle area this year.

Gold Coast, Chicago, Lake Michigan 

How will you be celebrating life's little moments this summer?